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Metaphors be with you Harvey Mindess

If you steal from one author, it's plagiarism. If you steal from many, it's research. Wilson Mizner


Michael built a career in the life sciences. First at the University of Oxford discovering the molecular structure of the human protein transthyretin which transports the thyroid hormone in our bodies. Next working at the Medical Research Council's laboratories in Mill Hill (now a block of flats!). Here he identified a new family of proteins which he named 'Annexins'. These have turned out to be valuable for tissue repair and are presently in clinical trials for that purpose. Michael then moved to work for Delta Biotechnology (a company originally set up by the brewers, Bass of Burton on Trent. Ultimately this has led to the development of another human protein: albumin, which the company ALBUMEDIX is exploiting as an excipient in the pharmaceutical industry.

Delta went on sale and Michael entered self-employment as a life science contractor and consultant to the private and public sectors. Most notably he managed the LINK Protein Engineering Programme for the Department of Trade & Industry and UK Research Councils which supported promising research intended to lead to commercial product development. His contract work included organising conferences and latterly, commercial website design. Publishing on and off-line hence has been a major activity and Michael has traded under the business names: BIODIGM Ltd. and Medi@activ. Presently he is retired and devoting his time to writing both fiction (a new initiative!) and non-fiction (an old and familiar one!)