First you're an unknown, then you write one book and you move up a notch to obscurity. Martin Myers

Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money. Jules Renard

LIFELINES is available now on Amazon Books (Kindle e-book or paperback).

My first novel is a modern psychodrama involving artificial intelligence, health care and well being, counselling, mentoring, sensuality and in a few places, eroticism. The action takes place in the (fictional!) University city of Tamford, UK and the time is post COVID19! The narrative explores the opportunities, personal and professional, for the book's main characters arising from a completely novel form of social network: InterconNet.

The novel was started 6 yerars ago but anticipates the metaverse, Web3 (and indeed Web4) and some of the negative aspects of social networking as well as the many benefits!

This novel can be read on two levels: as a fictional story of six people dealing with opposing demands of career and personal relationships. But also as a plausible suggestion of what might be done, in the real world, to better integrate healthcare and mental well being in the face of a perfect storm of "dis - ease": pandemics, growing mental health issues, social isolation and the online challenges of inappropriate content and extreme ideologies.

A sequel is in the planning for 2022! Find out what choices the principal characters make next! Who achieves their personal and ambitious professional aims? Return here for news next year!

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Martin Wright: a physiotherapist working at The Woodlands complementary medicine centre, who has no belief in the value of alternative therapies. Michael Timles, the Centre's owner, formerly a senior manager in the pharmaceutical industry, an evangelist for a more integrated form of healthcare. Peter Swales, a postgraduate computer scientist developing a remarkable new social network and hoping to become an Internet entrepreneur. Chris Johns, an expert in artificial intelligence seeks to give computers the ability to understand the ever growing mass of data on the Web. Tina Elves, a gifted Reiki practitioner also at the Woodlands Centre, developing novel therapies of her own. Anne Eres, a shadowy graduate psychotherapist who is starting her practice online using the new social network. Finally, Tuula Pippi, an ambitious Finnish woman employee of the mobile phone company. Kosketecessa. Studying social networks for a higher degree, she's working undercover for her company on a rather different agenda.