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Art is I; Science is we. - Claude Bernard

This website includes public sector sponsored research (Medical Research Council &Oxford University), public & private sector contract work (M J Geisow & Associates), life science consultancy (BIODIGM Ltd.) & creative writing (fiction). Although the basic research and public sector sponsored initiatives described here have been started or completed some years ago, I wish to offer information about them to my website visitors from industry and academia to extend their utility. Obviously because of the pandemic, there has been a massive increase in work being carried out on vascular molecular biology.

I have also included mentoring style advice for upcoming researchers and personal opinions on those present "political hot potatos": innovation & climate change. Partly historic at present, my intention is to update the various topics covered to add further value, so it may be worth revisiting!

To help me keep what is covered up to date, I can be messaged through my LinkedIn profile (a link is at the foot of this page).

Open access to the titles & abstracts of my published research is available through the Pub Med and Research Gate links at the foot of this page. Some full length texts are available from the various publishers. Where this is not the case, full access may be available through your institution or company account.

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Creative writing

LIFELINES My first novel which examines the consequences of the application of AI & WEB 3 to create a new and powerful form of social network!